Welcome to my thoughts, mostly on my adventures, sometimes on my life. I’ll try not to include my thoughts on your life.

The actual blog is located under the second tab, Thoughts in Places. You should check it out. 

Basic facts:

  • I’m afraid of bees. See-you-fifty-feet-that-way-and-squealing afraid. See end of this post.
  • I grew up in Reno, NV. That’s Nuh-va-duh.
  • Before dropping everything (again) and moving to Africa (again), I lived in New York state. That last word is important.
  • I now live in a mud hut in a little village in Senegal with my cat, Moolie.

In March 2014, I left my great job, beautiful apartment, and all my friends and joined the Peace Corps. Most of the time, I have no electricty, running water, or sanity, but on the rare occasion that I’ve got a bit of wifi, I’ll try to tell you about all the trouble I get into fun stuff I do.





The little red dot is about where my village is.


The road going over the farro (marshy river area) into my village, Mamadou Badjefa, Kolda.


One Response to Home

  1. matt dunn says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I read it because a recent young acquaintance went to Senegal for the PC and I wanted to see what is was about. I have extremely proud of he PC work and you and other are warriors, in a altruistic way. Thanks, I will try to get a care package to you

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